Patagonia Bee Products

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Patagonia Bee Products, Fayetteville, AR

The Tastes: Prepare to experience the lush rainforests of Patagonia as a taste. Honey imbues flavors and aromas from the flowering trees visited by the bees who make it, imparting luscious floral properties into the honey. Since the hives that yield Ulmo, Tiaca, and Tineo honeys border the native, largely untouched rainforests of Chile, a taste instantly transports you to the only place in the world these honeys are found. Each jar comes from a single beekeeper, preserving the uniqueness of a place and a harvest season. You'll be hard pressed to find honey more delicious and pure.

The Story: When native Arkansan Jacob Perry went to South America for a backpacking trip in 2011, little did he know that he'd taste a honey whose flavor would captivate him so significantly that he wouldn't be able to get it out of his mind for years to come. Not only would he launch Patagonia Bee Products to share geographically unique "hive to hand" honeys with the world, but in the process, Patagonia Bee Products would be the impetus for the revision of Chilean law to better support the livelihoods of small beekeepers and food producers, as well as providing economically sustainable support for rain forests.