Apicoltura Dr. Pescia Acacia Honey

Paolo Pescia
Weight: 9.35 oz

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Family Owned

This terroir-driven honey captures the aroma, flavor, and essence of the Tuscan landscape.

Dr. Paolo Pescia, a second-generation Tuscan beekeeper, produces his hand-harvested Acacia honey from acacia blossoms found in a national park in northeast Tuscany. The honey's soft floral notes make it ideal for drizzling over fresh fruit, pastries, or your Sunday morning French toast. We always enjoy it as a sweetener for tea. It is equally lovely when glazing game or poultry.

  • A delicate, almost clear liquid honey, perfect for sweetening teas and fresh fruit
  • Use as a glaze for poultry or game
  • Delicious on buttered croissants or breakfast pastries
  • Ideal for drizzling over delicately flavored cheeses
  • 100% Acacia Honey

    Dr. Paolo Pescia, a second-generation beekeeper from the small Tuscan town of Rosignano Marittimo, has a degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Padua for his thesis on experimental beekeeping. Dr. Pescia practices "nomadic" beekeeping - he transports his beehives to flower blooms all across the fields of Tuscany. He is so highly regarded that the Italian government even allows him to place his hives in protected national parks located in the Tuscan coastal hills.

    Dr. Pescia seeks out seasonal flowers in bloom, then transports the bees to the fields and lets them forage around the Tuscan landscape. It can be challenging work, as the flowers he seeks can be in bloom for as long as several weeks or as short as one day.

    All production is done by hand, including the scraping of the honey from the comb. It is left in its raw state and never filtered. Pescia Honeys are also free from chemicals and contaminants.

    The results are limited-production, monofloral honeys of stunning quality and flavor. Dr. Pescia honey is a terroir-driven product that captures the aroma, flavor and essence of the Tuscan landscape.