Trio of Grassfed Brown Butters

Black & Bolyard
Weight: 5.5 ounces each
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Family Owned
New York

One taste of ANY of the rich, complex brown butters from Black and Bolyard, and we know you'll want all three! Trust us...these toasty jewels will be your new secret ingredient in absolutely everything. Stock your pantry with one of each of these precisely cooked and caramelized grass-fed, non-GMO butters from a single farm in upstate New York at a savings of over 10%.

Red Chili Brown Butter: Warm and piquant, this brown butter is infused with Aleppo pepper to add just the right amount of heat.

Bay Leaf Brown Butter:Herbal and floral notes made this darling a 2018 Good Food Awards finalist.

Original Unfiltered: Just the right touch of sea salt leads this versatile favorite brown butter.

Use these vitamin A-, E-, and K-rich and omega-fatty-acid-full variations to sauté sea scallops or shrimp, toss with pasta or fresh-popped popcorn, dollop on French toast or a steak hot off the grill, bake in cookies, or spread over cornbread hot from the oven.