<i>Cundian</i> Italian Vegetable Appetizer

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Cundian Italian Vegetable Appetizer

I Peccati di Ciacco
Weight: 270 grams

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Family Owned
La Morra, Italy

Everything a Mediterranean dish should be...and more.

Cundiun is a heavenly tomato salad, with roots in the Ligurian region of Italy. I Peccati di Ciacco's Cundiun is unique in that it reflects traditions of both the coastal Riviera Ligure region and those of the verdant yet lesser-known hills behind it. This is because it includes classic ingredients such as Ligurian extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, capers, and anchovies, but also aromatic mushrooms indigenous to the rustic interior. Italians often refer to this kind of dish as monti e mare, or "mountains and sea" referring to the mixed geography of the Italian peninsula. Traditionally, cundiun is served over crackers, but is great with crusty breads and along side soft goat cheeses. Toss with hot pasta or spoon atop a piece of grilled salmon or halibut...you'll find multiple uses for this extraordinary Italian condiment.

I Peccati di Ciacco is a small scale, regionally focused producer from the village of Carru, near Alba - a city world-famous for its regional cuisine. Each of their products is made in small batches according to time-tested recipes using precious local ingredients. Careful attention is paid to sourcing, and to maintaining freshness and homemade goodness.