Izard Micro-Batch Dark Chocolate, 70% Belize

Izard Chocolate
Weight: 2.8 oz
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Family Owned
Gluten Free
Little Rock, AR
  • Single Bean Origin
  • Hand crafted and hand wrapped
  • From organic ingredients

This mouth-watering, velvety chocolate is sure to transform the palate into a delightful symphony of flavors.

Made with direct trade-sourced cacao beans, Izard Belize chocolate features a medley of fruity hints, containing the subtle essence of dried cherries and sweet figs. Zesty and delicious, this chocolate tastes as divine as its beautiful shimmering wrapping would suggest.

Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar

Nathaniel Izard, a brilliant, business-savvy entrepreneur, is the founder and mastermind behind Arkansas-based Izard Chocolate. Izard's selfless mission is to bring joy to people's lives through the delicious Izard Chocolate experience. To Nathaniel, chocolate is just that—an experience! And, his goal is to make Izard chocolate the kind of rich, flavorful experience that can brighten anyone's day, and put a smile on anyone's face.

Prior to founding Izard Chocolate, Nathaniel worked at a lighting company in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nathaniel enjoyed his job at the lighting company, but he couldn't help but shake the feeling that he was not passionate about his work with the company. Feeling dissatisfied with his professional life, he decided to take a couple of years off to re-focus, and look at his career options. He moved to Italy, where he accepted a job as an English tutor for an Italian family. While in Italy, Nathaniel soaked in Italian culture, and redirected his mind away from his company job in the States.

After residing in Italy for several months, Nathaniel returned to the United States with an unforgettable cultural experience under his belt, and a plethora of exciting new ideas for his future career. One idea was at the forefront of Nathaniel's attention: he had always wanted to learn how to make chocolate. Nathaniel immediately set to work researching the chocolate making process, and it was not long before he began making his own. He started purchasing quality cacao beans from around the world, and winnowing the beans in his own kitchen. What began as an artistic culinary hobby soon grew into a thriving entrepreneurial enterprise. Nathaniel's smooth, unique chocolate was an instant success at local farmer's markets, and his chocolate entered into such demand that he decided to open a chocolate tasting restaurant where people could experience his delicious chocolate in comfort and style.

Today, Izard Chocolate is a booming bean to bar chocolate making business. Izard continues to source and import premium ingredients from around the world, and he hopes to educate the people of the world about the many intricacies of the chocolate making process. Through his commitment to his company, and his desire to create quality chocolate with quality ingredients, Nathaniel is single-handedly setting a new standard for all natural dark chocolate, one smile at a time.

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