La Fundidora Humo Salsa

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La Fundidora Humo Salsa
Humo Salsa with Chip

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La Fundidora Humo Salsa

La Fundidora
Weight: 12 oz
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Family Owned
Brooklyn, New York
  • Artisanal, small-batch salsa
  • All natural, vegan, kosher and gluten free
  • No preservatives, no sugar added
  • Hand-crafted in Brooklyn

The purest expression of smoke with hints of leather and mesquite in a complex salsa.

Vitali Meschoulam and his wife Lorena have revived the lost art of traditional salsa making with their Brooklyn-based La Fundidora, (Spanish for foundry). In doing so, they are expanding Americans' idea of what salsa is for!

Intended for something more than just corn chips, Humo is to salsa what single-barrel scotch is to sprits. A tomato-based red salsa, hand-crafted with select pasilla and chipotle morita chiles, Humo's depth of taste and the undeniable allure of smoke make it an ideal salsa to pair with beef, heartier cuts of pork, stronger cheeses, beans and other legumes.

Ripe red tomato, white onion, chipotle morita chile, pasilla chile, sea salt and spices

La Fundidora was created with the pure intention of reviving the lost art of small-batch, traditional salsa-making.

Though salsas are readily available in the US, they have invariably lost their essence; instead becoming mass-produced, preservative-laden concoctions. In contrast, the husband and wife team behind La Fundidora crafts their salsas by hand in small batches, using absolutely no chemicals, sweeteners or needless acidifiers in order to be able to stand by the taste and quality of every one of their jars.

Vitali and Lorena Meschoulam remain true to deep-rooted Mexican traditions. They see time-honored culinary heritage as the necessary and fundamental base upon which innovation can take place. They stand by our belief that less is more, using only the freshest ingredients and hand-crafting every jar of salsa in much the same way salsas have been made since time immemorial. They use no preservatives or artificial flavorings whatsoever. and all of their salsas are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and certified kosher.