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MaryClare Macarons

Clare Thomas Williams

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  • MaryClare Macarons 10 pack sampler  
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  • $13.50

The stuff dreams are made of.

These exquisite French-style macarons are the creation of Clare Thomas Williams, an extraordinary baker and self-admitted perfectionist, who was having a difficult time finding anyone who could dependably supply her with the delicate confections for her daughter's upcoming Arkansas wedding. Clare, insistent on not disappointing daughter, decided to make them herself. And make them she did. Thus was the beginning of the now-thriving MaryClare Macarons.

Clare painstakingly creates each exquisite cookie from sweetened egg whites and almond flour, and fills them with delicious butter creams and fruit puree. Flavors range from traditional Raspberry, Lemon, Orange and Lime to Pistachio, Pecan Dulce de Leche and Black Walnut Fig. The delicate, colorful confections are beautifully packaged, and make an exceptional gift.

MaryClare Macarons are available for larger events through special order. Please call us toll-free for further information: 877.426.4887.