McClure's Bloody Mary Mix

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McClure's Bloody Mary Mix
McClure's Bloody Mary Mix

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McClure's Bloody Mary Mix

McClure's Pickles
Weight: 32 fluid ounces
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  • A make-your-eyes water Bloody Mary Mix
  • Loaded with garlic
  • Contains no horseradish - it doesn't need it
  • Serve over ice or with your favorite vodka
  • A great base for a chilled gazpacho
  • Pair with a jar of our cocktail stirrers for a great gift
  • Refrigerate after opening

A Bloody Mary to make you pucker.

With their famous spicy pickles as a starting point, brothers Bob and Joe McClure have concocted a devilish, yet refreshing Bloody Mary Mix. Crack open a jar and you'll immediately get a whiff of the pickle brine on which this addictive mix is based. Loaded with bits of minced garlic, the mix is thin, not sweet, and perfectly spiced. Enjoy over ice or mix with your favorite premium vodka. Stock up - this one goes fast!
Water, Vinegar, Tomato paste, Cucumber juice, Salt, Hot pepper, Garlic, Dill, Black pepper
Growing up, brothers Joe & Bob McClure had no idea how influential pickles would be in their lives. Joe, who has been published in The American Journal of Physiology while working toward a doctoral degree in physiology, is also a classical musician. Bob, an actor and comedy writer, has appeared in numerous commercials and several movies.

The brothers grew up watching their parents make pickles in their tiny Michigan kitchen from a recipe handed down from their great-grandmother. They launched McClure's Pickles in 2006.

McClure's pickles are made using as much local produce as possible when it is in season. When it is not, they call up the farms and speak directly with the growers to know where their produce is coming from and how it is being grown. Thus they are assured they are getting the best, freshest produce available. Every jar is hand packed, and the cucumbers hand sliced. Stressing their commitment to quality, even the labels use soy and vegetable inks with chemical-free plating and are created with wind-powered electricity.