All Butter Shortbread Holiday Gift Tin

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All Butter Shortbread Holiday Gift Tin

Reids of Caithness
Weight: 10.6 oz
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The must-have hostess gift of the year, this chic tin is filled to the brim with authentic, all-butter shortbread cookies from the award-winning baker Scottish baker Reid's of Caithness. Their light, buttery flavor and a sugar-crystal sweetness make them impossible to resist.

wheat flour, butter, sugar, corn flour

In the historic town of Thurso at the "topmost top" of Scotland, you'll find the bakery of Reids of Caithness. For half a century, Reids of Caithness has established an enduring association with its beautiful coastal home, while making its mark around the world.

A family-run business since 1966, Reids of Caithness prides itself on a commitment to time-honored, handcrafted baking methods. While rooted in tradition, a refreshingly innovative approach also lies at the heart of their success. Their award-winning accomplishments are testimony to the unrivalled talents of their bakers, whose skill and dedication ensures Reids and Caithness products are every bit as captivating as the unique corner of the world in which they're crafted.

Baked with love and perfection, their treats are yours to savor.