The 3 Don's Classic Cocktail Trio

Don Morton

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Family Owned
Washington, DC

Shrub District exists to "brighten your spirits" and now you can drink their new lineup with three Don's classics . . . Sazerac, Old Fashioned, and Mint Julep. Bartender, cocktail geek, fermentation enthusiast, and Shrub District founder Don Morton's take on the classics help you ease in to cocktail hour with his all natural, hand-crafted favorites. Simply combine Don's + Spirit + Ice and you're on your way to shaking up your evening.

  • Sazerac: Head to New Orleans as you sip scents of absinthe, creole bitters built on 13 botanicals, and organic oil.
  • Old Fashioned: Chock full of organic orange oil, just enough simple syrup, and proprietary bitters built on 12 aromatic botanicals, the best old fashioned you've tasted can be yours in 10 seconds flat.
  • Mint Julep: Your sweet Kentucky home in a bottle, this julep saves you from muddling while still supplying many layers of bright mint flavor and everything you love about the classic.
  • Save $4 by purchasing this gift set for $38 - great cocktails at a great price!

Owner and founder Don Morton brings a simple but resonating mission to Shrub District: to make your drinking life easier and a lot more fun. Don assures us that anyone can make an amazing craft cocktail. It's not that hard. Spirit + Don's + Ice. You're done! Now how easy was that?

While you're at it, don't forget to try Shrub District's bar full of cocktail vinegars for the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and check out our interview with Shrub District's Don Morton on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.