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Spiced Tonic Syrup

Liber & Co

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Family Owned
Austin, Texas

Your gin & tonic just got a whole lot better.

Austin, Texas based Liber & Co. crafts small-batch, premium cocktail mixers from authentic, raw ingredients like ripe citrus, fresh-cut botanicals and hand-cracked spices. Dedicated to the craftsmanship and historical reverence at the root of the global cocktail revival, they have all of us enjoying better drinks.

With remarkable depth of flavor, Spiced Tonic Syrup goes well beyond commercial tonic water. Cinchona tree bark from Latin America provides an authentic quinine bite, an exotic blend of South Asian herbs and spices pays homage to tonic's roots in Colonial India, and organic agave nectar balances the flavor for a mildly sweet finish. Move over, Canada Dry.

Water, Agave nectar, Cinchona bark, Lemongrass, Citric acid, Natural herbs and spices

Formed by three native Texans, Liber & Co thrives on the notion of customers using their premium quality cocktail mixers to create unique expressions of themselves and their tastes, shaking up concoctions that are entirely new.

Liber, meaning "the free one," was the Roman god of fine drinks and good times, and the brand name reflects trio Robert Higginbotham, Adam Higginbotham, and Chris Harrison's mutual love of food and beverage. Seeing that microbrews and wines had appreciated the adult beverage limelight, but finding a derth of cocktail mixers that began with thoughtfully sourced raw fruits and vegetables (versus high fructose corn syrup), Liber & Co.'s founders decided in 2011 to fill the void.

Today, Liber equips home bartenders with the cocktail mixers they need to replicate drinks at the best bars in the world. The Savory Pantry proudly stocks Liber & Co.'s Spiced Tonic, Fiery Ginger, Tropical Passion Fruit, Classic Gum, and Almond Orgeat Syrups, as well as their Texas Grapefruit Shrub. Read more about their story on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog, and see our blog archives to serve The Savory Pantry's Fiery Rasperback Cocktail (featuring their Fiery Ginger Syrup).

Any way you pour it, Liber & Co brings incredible, original taste to your glass! To learn more about Liber, visit our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.