Stuart & Co. Bitchin' BBQ Sauce

Stuart & Co.
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Family Owned
Brooklyn, NY

Michael Steifman of New York's Stuart & Co. knows good barbeque. Using only seasonal ingredients carefully sourced from local farmers, his small-batch, artisanal sauce will take anything you throw on the grill to the next level. The foundation of the Stuart & Co. line, Bitchin' BBQ sauce is made with Turkish pepper from the city of Aleppo, imparting a mellow heat and a fruity taste with undertones of cumin. it's super good on ribs & shrimp. As a dip for French fries? Oh, my. It's bitchin'!

Ketchup (water, tomato concentrate, sugar, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spice, natural flavors), water, apple cider vinegar, bourbon whiskey, coffee, onions, sugar, molasses, pepper, garlic
Brooklyn-based culinary mind Michael Steifman of Stuart & Co. is all about supporting the community. Starting out as a boutique catering company and expanding into a small-batch artisanal brand, the company keeps it real while keeping it delicious. Stuart & Co. focuses on quality and sustainability, working closely with local farmers to source seasonal ingredients for their sauces and spice rubs, while always making a concerted effort to choose organic. They stay true to their social and environmental commitments by donating to the New York City Rescue Mission and packing their products in reusable Weck jars.