Truffled White Cannellini Beans

I Peccati di Ciacco
Weight: 9.87 oz

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Family Owned
La Morra, Italy

I Pecatti di Ciacco is a small scale, regionally focused producer near Alba, in Northern Italy - a city world famous for its regional cuisine. Meals often begin with an appetizer of white beans, served atop a rustic Italian bread. Ciacco has made it easy to re-create that traditional starter at home. Combining their best selling Alba white truffle oil with chunks of Italian black truffle and classic white beans, this savory dish is perfect for topping crostini, bruschetta, polenta or filet mignon. High in protein, you'll also enjoy it as a healthy "meal-in-a-jar".

I Peccati di Ciacco is a small scale, regionally focused producer from the village of Carru, near Alba - a city world-famous for its regional cuisine. Each of their products is made in small batches according to time-tested recipes using precious local ingredients. Careful attention is paid to sourcing, and to maintaining freshness and homemade goodness.