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Ajiri Tea Company

Ajiri Coffee, Kenyan AA

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  • Ajiri Kenyan AA Coffee, Ground
  • $25.00
Feel good about your morning cup of coffee.

Kenyan coffee is among the world's finest, and knowing who it supports makes it taste all the better.

Known for its rich earthy undertones and pleasant notes of citrus and berry, Ajiri coffee is as vibrant and inviting as the country from which it comes. And each and every purchase goes toward a powerful goal: to create lasting employment and education for women and orphans in Kenya.


Ajiri Tea Company


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Good Coffee
Aug 2, 2017  |  By Courtney
Smooth, great tasting coffee that helps keep up. The kids and I especially enjoy the artwork. Each little picture of art tells a story of it's own by just looking at the picture. My child loves the one with the elephant on it, I used the one of the woman gathering to put in the baby keepsake, because it truly was a touching art piece. We go around collecting the art that comes in the packages that looks to be handmade with banana leaves into the paper. Some of the proceeds go to woman's education, and orphans. I don't have much money to always spend, so I actually do look at prices for things, but it's nice to give back, and it's the same price as other coffee brands, but slightly less cost for better tasting coffee. So double score for that! Ajiri has antioxidants in it. What isn't there to like? I don't want to know if a monkey helped poop this coffee out, like some kona coffees. The coffee taste good, strong, but not bitter, and smooth. Ajiri helps me be a better mom, up on my toes, and my whole family enjoys the art work, so it's like having 2 gifts for the same amount, yet less that you pay for other coffee brands, that don't have a good taste, or more beneficial antioxidants in it. Coffee has been linked to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, liver diseases, Alzheimer's, and such...More reason to love coffee! However, Ajiri, gives to orphan's and woman. Quite rewarding I must say to drink a good cup of joe. Cheers!

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