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Tennessee Sweets Gift


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Don't just satisfy the Southern artisan sweet tooth; offer something unexpected.

Olive & Sinclair is one of our favorite producers of Southern confections. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, not only do their Southern sweets deeply satisfy, they share a cravable twang that's a click beyond expected. This box is a unique opportunity to taste test all their greatest hits and provides the perfect way to complete a dinner party! The box includes a deck of three southern artisan chocolate bars (pictured are Sea Salt, Mexican Chili, and Salt & Pepper, although bars may rotate based on availability), Duck Fat Caramels, Salted Bourbon Muzzle Loaders, and Bourbon Nib Brittle.

Born behind a duck blind, each batch of Duck Fat Caramels are caramelized with cane sugar and rich duck fat for a luxurious gustatory experience. The caramel-filled chocolate spheres that are Oliver & Sinclair's salted Tennessee bourbon Muzzle Loaders invite going "all-in in one bite." Finish with a crunch as Bourbon Nib Brittle suggests a tour of the South's finest small-bath bourbon.

Taste Olive & Sinclair's handcrafted Southern hospitality in every bite!

Olive & Sinclair - Salt & Pepper 67% Chocolate Bar: Classically seasoned, kosher salt & fresh cracked black pepper, this addition lends a toothsome mouthfeel and intriguing yet familiar complexity to our 67% chocolate, adding a burst of fruit juice and a slight southern heat to each snackable bite.

2.5 oz.

Olive & Sinclair - Mexican Style Cinnamon-Chili Chocolate Bar: Explosive with floral spices, this bar introduces a granular melt and a steady progression from bright organic Ceylon cinnamon to deep, salt-driven chocolate with a subtle smoky warmth.

2.5 oz.

Olive & Sinclair - Sea Salt Chocolate Bar: Speckled with flaked sea salt, it begins with a clean salinity, lending itself to the occasional satisfying crunch and burst of flavor, awakening the tongue to a citrusy, deep, dark chocolate finish.

2.5 oz.

Olive & Sinclair - Bourbon Nib Brittle: Taste the nuance of some of the south's finest bourbons combined with caramelized, buttery brittle, for a unique southern twist on a classic confection.

6 oz.

Seersucker Candy Co. - Muzzle Loaders: Chocolate spheres filled with LIQUID SALTED BOURBON CARAMEL!

4 oz.

Olive & Sinclair - Duck Fat Caramels: The original Duck Fat Caramels were literally born behind the duck blind. This rooted American pastime inspires each batch of caramelized cane sugar and rich duck fat for a perfectly seasoned, mouthwatering caramel.

5 oz.


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