Avocado Blossom Pure Raw Honey

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Avocado Blossom Pure Raw Honey

Ein Harod Apiary
Weight: 9 oz
Out of Stock
Family Owned
Gluten Free
Winner, Specialty Food Association sofi Gold, Outstanding Honey Award Winning

Gathered from avocado blossoms that grow in the northern part of Israel, this unique honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. Beekeepers from Kibbutz Ein Harod, established in 1933, take the hives to the best flowers in areas where they are most plentiful. The honey is 100% pure, with absolutely no additives, preservatives or sugars, and has a dark amber color and distinctive aroma. When paired with aged cheeses or drizzled over baked goods, you'll understand why Avocado Blossom Honey is a winner of a sofi Gold for the best honey in the world!


100% Pure Raw Avocado Blossom Honey

Established in 1933, Ein Harod Apiary has won top honors for its pure, raw honeys. Rich in scent and flavor, the diverse varieties of Ein Harod Pure Honeys are ideal for tea, drizzled over cheese or for use in a wide range of culinary uses.

Ein Harod's bee-keepers take their beehives to the best flowers in the region. Their high quality honey is 100% pure, all-natural with nothing added.


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