Grassfed Brown Butter with Red Chili

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Red Chili Butter Silo
Popcorn with Red Chili Brown Butter

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Grassfed Brown Butter with Red Chili

Black & Bolyard
Weight: 8 oz
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Gluten Free
Brooklyn, New York

Brown Butter is a more complex, deeply toasted version of whole butter. Black & Bolyard precisely cooks and caramelizes Grassfed, non-GMO butter from upstate New York. The milk solids naturally present in the whole butter are browned in the butterfat before being infused, seasoned, and whipped. Brown Butter can replace whole butter anywhere that it is typically used, while its intense depth of flavor should be enjoyed in savory or sweet applications.

Warm and piquant, brown butter infused with Aleppo pepper provides a flavorful mate for a range of dishes, from french toast to grilled shrimp to popcorn. The red pepper adds just the right amount of heat to perfectly complement the rich, intense flavor of the brown butter. This is the missing ingredient that will take your savory dishes from good to spectacular.

grassfed butter, dried red chili

In 2011, Andrew Black and Eric Bolyard met while cooking side-by-side at the famed Eleven Madison Park in New York City. The two cooks quickly discovered a common ground in both sophisticated flavors and unwavering standards. Their Brooklyn-based supper club, Tasting Society, was created as an outlet to showcase their own style, often serving rustic bread with whipped brown butter as a shared course. Their guests' enthusiastic response and requests for more left them with no other option than to launch Black & Bolyard Brown Butter.

Inspired by the nostalgic act of butter slowly toasting on the stoves of professional kitchens, Black & Bolyard strives to bring these captivating flavors and scents to the home. They cook and infuse Grassfed, Non-GMO butter sourced from a single farm in upstate New York. The process transforms whole butter into a more complex and rich browned butter - a deeply toasted version of its original form. Black & Bolyard takes pride in utilizing outstanding ingredients to craft delicious, versatile, and unique products.