Chorizo Rioja Dry Cured Salami with Paprika, Garlic & Oregano

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Chorizo Rioja Dry Cured Salami with Paprika, Garlic & Oregano

Olympia Provisions

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Family Owned
Portland, Oregon
Named Best American Charcuterie, Bon Appetit, 2011; Winner, Charcuterie, Good Food Awards 2010 and 2011 Award Winning

Handcrafted charcuterie, deeply rooted in the regional flavors and traditions of Europe.

  • Traditional Spanish-style salami
  • Made with antibiotic-free Pacific Northwest pork
  • Vibrant, gentle flavor and authentic, unique character

Charcuterie is as much an art as it is a science. Olympia Provisions' Elias Cairo approaches it with inspired precision, purity and patience. The use of uncommon, old-world techniques assures a finished product that has deep, nuanced flavor and exquisite texture.

Chorizo Rioja (chor-IZ-oh ri-OH-ha) is a Spanish-style salami with both sweet and smoked paprika, garlic and oregano. Pairs well with bright, acidic wines and a tangy Spanish Manchego.

  • Serve with bright, acidic wines
  • Pair with kalamata olives and grilled fresh figs
  • Delicious with a tangy Spanish Manchego
Salami naturally dries and hardens as it ages. Store your wrapped salami in the refrigerator to slow the aging process and enjoy as soon as you can.
Pork, Pork Fat, Salt. Contains 2% or less of dextrose, garlic, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, spices, lactic acid starter culture, water.
Salumist Elias Cairo grew up first generation Greek-American, with a father who made charcuterie at home. Doing things the old fashioned way was commonplace - a natural influence on his later journey to Europe, to apprentice in the kitchens of masters. It was there that Cairo rediscovered the art of curing meat and found inspiration in the meat markets and mountain towns of the old world. The experience affirmed what he'd been taught all along - handmade is better. Back in Portland, Oregon, Elias set out to approach the craft of charcuterie with purity and patience, recreating a nearly extinct old world technique that is seldom seen in America. The result is Olympic Provisions, Oregon's first USDA-approved salumeria, established in 2009, but deeply rooted in the past.