Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly

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Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly

Liz & Linda's
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Best of Atlanta Award, 2007, and top honors in the Best Condiment Category at the Dallas Gourmet Food Market, 2011 Award Winning
A true Southern favorite, our Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly from Liz & Linda's of Harrison, Arkansas is a perfect blend of sweet yellow bell peppers and savory pecans. With pieces of pecans suspended throughout the jar, this award winning pepper jelly has a perfect texture and smooth, rich flavor. It is ideal for spooning over cream cheese and serving with crackers or when topping a baked brie.
  • Delicious spooned over cream cheese or baked brie
  • A wonderful holiday hostess gift
Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Yellow Bell Pepper, Pecans, Crushed Red Pepper, Citric Acid
The making of Linda Battisto's secret family recipe for savory pepper jelly was a Thanksgiving holiday tradition that took place in her mother Liz's kitchen. Her mother would collect and save baby food jars all year to be used for the annual making of the jelly. They would pour it up, and then seal it with paraffin wax and a lid. Linda always had the honor of making the labels and decorative lid toppers. When Christmas arrived, Liz and Linda would deliver their customary holiday gift, a jar of Original Pepper Jelly, a block of cream cheese, and a sleeve of crackers to all of their friends and relatives. Everyone loved the gift, and looked forward to receiving it year after year.

In 2004, Linda launched her company, Liz & Linda's, after a retailer in her home town of Harrison, Arkansas approached her about selling her Original Pepper Jelly. The company is named in memory of her mother, Liz.

Liz & Linda's is the recipient of one of the Best of Atlanta awards (2007) for their Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly. In 2011, the company received the Gold Award for Best Condiment at the Dallas Gourmet Food Market for Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly.