Peach Lavender Shrub

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The Hudson Standard Peach Lavender Shrub
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Peach Lavender Shrub

The Hudson Standard
Weight: 12 fluid ounces
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Family Owned
Hudson, New York
The Hudson Standard has combined delicate, peach aromatics with just a touch of floral lavender in an ethereal elixir that adds a touch of elegance to your cocktails! This pairing of ripe fruit, flower and apple cider vinegar, creates a distinctive shrub — zesty and refreshing, yet soft, balanced and enticingly aromatic. Pairs beautifully with Prosecco or gin, and great with classic sprits like bourbon and whiskey.
organic apple cider vinegar, peaches, organic sugar, lavender flowers

The Hudson Standard, located in Hudson, New York, started from the desire to make high quality bitters and cocktail syrups, called shrubs, using ingredients almost entirely sourced from New York's Hudson Valley.

Founder Marianne Courville and her husband Michael Albin moved to Hudson, New York from Brooklyn in 2000 and opened Hudson Wine Merchants. It was there that they caught the bug to start a business making cocktail bitters and shrubs. The business soon became a commitment to the region. The ingredients in their bitters and shrubs are almost entirely sourced from the Hudson Valley. Working with local farms, Marianne and Michael stay open to new ideas about crops, production, sustainability and cooperative ventures. The Hudson Standard is a welcome convergence between the cocktail revolution and the "farm to table" movement.