J.Q. Dickinson Heirloom Salt

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J.Q. Dickinson Heirloom Salt

Nancy Bruns & Lewis Payne
Weight: 3.5 oz.
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Family Owned
West Virginia

A 600 million year old salt.

Sourced from the Iapetus Ocean, an ancient, untouched sea trapped below the Appalachian Mountains of the Kanawha Valley in West Virginia, a 7th generation salt-making family harvests all-natural salt by hand. This pristine salt is free of contaminants and heavy metals that may be found in other oceans. Gleaned from the earth by an underground brine aquifer, the salt is then processed naturally using the power of the sun and gentle mountain breezes. Pure and fine, this is a remarkable salt for every day use!

Heirloom Salt from the Appalachian Mountains

In the year 1813, a savvy businessman named William Dickinson purchased a series of salt properties along the Kanawha River Valley of West Virginia. Following this purchase, Dickinson set to work hand-harvesting brine deposits that had been left over from an ancient body of water called the Iapetus Ocean. By 1817, William Dickinson was producing salt from the brine, and his business was booming. Over the next century, Dickinson's enterprise was tremendously successful. The area in which he was operating, Malden West Virginia, came to be known as the "salt making capital of the east." However, Dickinson's salt industry was eventually forced to shut down in 1982.

Thirty years after the original Dickinson Salt business closed, William Dickinson's seventh-generation descendants chose to revive the family business in none other than Malden, West Virginia. The result? The brilliant JQ Dickinson Salt Works! With the help of a team of geologists and culinary experts, siblings Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne have transformed the Dickinson salt industry into an environmentally friendly, family owned operation. JQ Dickinson Salt Works collects brine from the very same Iapetus Ocean deposit that the Dickinson ancestors once used centuries before. Using geologic knowledge, and culinary finesse, JQ Dickinson salt is not only expertly harvesting pure, carefully manufactured salt, they are continuing to preserve their unique family history, and the history of the greater Appalachian area.