Lingonberry Fruit Spread

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Lingonberry Fruit Spread

Scandinavian Delights
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Lingonberries, native to Sweden, are also known as the European cranberry. They are red, tart, and smaller than the cranberries we know in this country, but with a smoother flavor.

For over a hundred and sixty years, Scandinavian Delights has been making their Lingonberry Fruit Spread exactly the same way, from the same time honored traditional recipe. They start with choice, ripe lingonberries, picked by hand whenever possible, and prepare them slowly and gently, without boiling. Lingonberries make a delightful accompaniment to a cheese platter when served water crackers. Use as a spread for a roast turkey and camembert panini, or spread on a toasted English muffin.

  • Use as a topping for cheesecake
  • A perfect spread for toasted English muffins or scones
  • Perfect as a spread in a roasted turkey and camembert panini
  • A delicious topping for pancakes and oatmeal
Lingonberries, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Locust Bean Gum
Since she was a young girl, Elizabeth Lie, founder and owner of Elki Gourmet, has had a passion for great food. Little did she know that her passion for the food world would be fulfilled by a company her father, Gunnar, started "unintentionally" in 1984. Her father was already the head of Norpro, a successful kitchenware business. He had no intention of starting another business until a couple of people from Scandinavia asked that he help them sell their homemade preserves from Denmark under the label Scandinavian Delights. After declining a couple times, he agreed to take the preserves to a gourmet products trade show. Little did he know, the preserves would sell so well and create a following. Elki was born!

Years went by and the Scandinavian Delight Preserves' sales grew and grew. During her summer break in college, Elizabeth helped out at Elki and realized she wanted to be a part of the gourmet food industry. In 1995 she came to work at Elki full time and, after a few years, bought the company.

Elki uses only the highest quality ingredients to create the finest specialty food products, both importing and creating original recipes domestically. They maintain a solid reputation in the gourmet food industry and are the recipients of several national awards for their products.


For over 170 years, Scandinavian Delight spreads from ELKI have been made in exactly the same way, from the same time-honored traditional recipes. The result is a wonderful, truly delicious home-made taste. Starting with choice, ripe fruit and fresh berries, picked wild and by hand whenever possible, these spreads are prepared slowly and gently, without boiling. This allows the fruit and berries to retain more of their natural flavor, color and sweetness and requires substantially less sugar to be added than regular preserves. Large morsels of fruit or whole berries infuse each jar.