New York State Grade A Maple Syrup

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New York State Grade A Maple Syrup

Catskill Provisions
Weight: 9.5 fluid ounces
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Family Owned
Long Eddy, NY

Pure and natural, from the Catskill Mountains.

Catskill Provisions tap over 2000 maple trees in upstate New York to create their syrups, bringing long overdue attention to this underappreciated, sustainable, local resource. The syrup is heated at 180° - 200° and filtered 12 times through natural paper; this eliminates the "syrup sand" most syrups have, which are generally only filtered 6 times, and increases clarity. The complex flavour and clean finish of this small batch, hand packed syrup lends itself to pancakes and waffles, but is light-bodied enough to be used as a simple syrup in the kitchen, too!

  • Drizzle over pancakes, waffles, or French toast
  • Sweeten beverages and cocktails
  • Add flavor to marinades and sauces
Pure Grade A Maple Syrup from The Catskills

Best known for their honey products, Catskill Provisions began in 2003 when founder Claire Marin started beekeeping as a hobby. In 2010 she quit her day job as a New York publicist and created Catskill Provisions. Catskills now manages over 700 hives in Delaware and Sullivan Counties and one of New York's only inner-city hives - on West 10th St. The honey is harvested twice a year, in the spring and fall. By harvesting honey as infrequently as possible they're able to follow the company motto "Happy Bees Make Better Honey".

Martin was inspired by bees' work ethics – social creatures working for the benefit of the group – and aimed to provide sustainable, quality, raw, organic products. Catskill Provisions pride themselves on using resources as local as possible to their small corner in the Northwest of the Catskill Mountains. This includes employing people from within the local community, and only selling to a list of clients who are like-minded in their sustainable philosophy. She has used this to expand her line of products to include maple syrup, pancake mixes, truffles, and sauces & marinades.

In 2013 Catskills Provisions won a First We Feast: Best Independent American Food Brand award.