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NW Elixirs

NW Elixers Hott Sauce #1

Your eggs will thank you.

Chef Andrew Garrett of Portland's NW Elixirs set out to redefine hot sauce, and redefine he did. Rich and bold, the sauces are full of layered, fresh flavors and contain no alcohol, refined sugars or extracts. It's no wonder NW Elixirs came away with a handful of prizes after going up against a national roster of artisanal hot sauce producers at New York City's first annual Hot Sauce Expo.

Hott Sauce #1 is a Habanero based hot sauce with all the makings of a table side hot sauce and all the versatility of a classic finishing sauce. Balanced and complex, this piquant sauce will shine in marinades, mayonnaise, eggs, tacos, steak, chicken, fish, popcorn, and most homemade sauces that need an extra kick


NW Elixirs

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