NW Elixirs Hott Smoke #3

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NW Elixirs Hott Smoke #3

NW Elixirs
Weight: 8.8 oz
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Family Owned
Portland, Oregon
Good Food Award Finalist, 2016; Screaming MiMi Award, Chipotle Division Award Winning

Rich, smoky flavor in the ultimate chipotle based sauce.

Chef Andrew Garrett of Portland's NW Elixirs smokes onions, garlic and ancho chilies together, then blends them with fresh spices and agave nectar until smooth for a sauce that is like a condensed BBQ sauce without the refined sugars, gums or extracts. Perfect for grilling steak, pork, chicken or shrimp, Hott Smoke will become the secret ingredient of your grilling repertoire.

Agave nectar, Distilled vinegar, Water, Onions, Red wine vinegar, Chipotle chilies, Garlic, Liquid smoke, Salt, Ancho chili powder, Black pepper, Spices

NW Elixirs is the collaboration of a Chef and a waiter who love a meal with deep flavors, and good friends.

The Craftsman: Published and award-winning, Chef Andrew Garrett, has a passion for food and life that shines through in his personality. He acquired an appreciation for all things local and historically rich while growing up in Sonoma, California. During his Army service in Germany, Andrew ate his way through France and Tuscany; where he felt right at home with cuisines that revolved around wines, cheese, foraging, and butchery. Chef Garrett's passion for every ingredient he uses is a key part of his goal to bring you, the consumer, the best possible recipes and sauces. He strives to inspire anyone with a passion for great food.

The Entrepreneur: Mitch Miller has spent nearly 10 years in the food service industry funding his education and travel experiences. After 4 years of living and traveling in China and Southeast Asia, he returned to his hometown of Portland, with a deep appreciation and love of unique food. Mitch and Andrew met in 2010 in a restaurant kitchen in NW Portland where they struck an immediate friendship, and began working on NW Elixirs. The rest as they say "is history".

NW Elixirs crafts our sauces with only the highest quality, natural ingredients. Their unique blends of common and exotic foods enhance every day, home cooked meals into culinary adventures.