Pure Cane Lemon Sugar

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Pure Cane Lemon Sugar

Quai Sud
Weight: 8.81 oz
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While searching for the perfect rimming sugar for our cocktails, we discovered Quai Sud, a relatively new French company at the forefront of innovative and sustainable gourmet products. Their naturally flavored, unrefined sugars are as good as they come, and their reach extends well beyond the bar!

Quai Sud Lemon Sugar is of course perfect for rimming your Lemon Drop Martini, but also imagine it sprinkled over fresh fruit or atop sugar cookies before baking, or stirred into a cup of hot tea. Whisk into whipped cream for a citrusy topping for fresh raspberries or blackberries, or use in place of part or all of the sugar in your favorite blueberry pancake recipe. Pucker up. This is good.

  • Delicious with yogurt, pastry, fruit salad, pancakes, hot drinks
  • Ideal for cocktails or baking
  • Great for cocktail-themed gift baskets
Unrefined cane sugar, 3% lemon zest, Acidifier: citric acid, Natural lemon flavor