Saratoga Sips


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Sipping is sweet with our Saratoga Sips Gift. Come in from the cold and be warmed with the nostalgia of childhood as you experience Saratoga Drinking Chocolate, handmade by chocolatier Allison Rose. But first, top your steaming cup of chocolate with a pillowy layer of melting Hudson Valley Marshmallows, handmade with all-natural ingredients and made yummy with Madagascar vanilla beans. Punctuate enjoyment with the crunch of Oaties Sweet Biscuits from Shortbread House of Edinburg, winner of eleven Great Taste of Europe Awards; made from the finest quality Scottish oats in a small, artisan bakery using a family recipe, these special rounds will bring snack time full circle. As you take things from here to there on your next chilly adventure in our reusable jute tote, you're sure to agree that life is sweet.