Strawberry Dill Cocktail Vinegar

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Strawberry Dill Cocktail Vinegar

Shrub District
Weight: 8 oz

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Family Owned
Washington, D.C.

Pure strawberry flavor. Pure strawberry heaven.

Shrub District Strawberry Dill cocktail vinegar packs the aroma of fresh picked strawberries, with an undertone of herby dill. It's so lush, so decadent, it's the strawberry flavor you've always wanted but never found. Try a Strawberry Dill daiquiri, or pair it with smokey spirits like Tequila, mescal, and woody Bourbons. It's a match made in heaven.

Fresh whole strawberries, distilled white vinegar, cane sugar, water, fresh dill, orange oil

Shrub District cocktail vinegars are the purest expression of fruit you can find. From nose to lingering finish, each flavor captures the season in a bottle. Why? Because Shrub District uses only fresh whole fruit, herbs, and spices, sourcing as much as possible from local producers.

Owner and founder Don Martin brings a simple but resonating mission to Shrub District: to make your drinking life easier and a lot more fun. Don assures us that anyone can make an amazing craft cocktail. It's not that hard. 2 parts spirit, 1 part shrub, ice. Done.

We are pleased to welcome Shrub District to The Savory Pantry. These perfectly balanced, real fruit cocktail vinegars are guaranteed to brighten your spirits. Literally.