Sweets from Across the Pond Sampler


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Those with a sweet tooth, a sense of adventure and an appreciation for quality will love our assortment of hand-selected sweets from small producers in England, Ireland and Scotland.

Uncle Joe's extra strong, all natural mint candies are made in a small town in the north of England by Ellen Santus from a recipe patented in 1933. Since then, the refreshing mint candies, named after a kindly uncle whose existence remains a mystery, have enjoyed a cult-like following. Awarding-winning, handmade fudge from Ireland's Melting Pot Fudge and an assortment of satisfying confectionary treats from Dublin's Broderick brothers provide a perfect bite at tea or coffee time - just enough to keep you going until dinner.

Luxurious butter toffee waffle cookies from a small, family run bakery in the hamlet of Tregroes in southwest Wales have soft, buttery toffee centers, and we've included both original and dark Belgian chocolate cookies here. Enjoy them gently warmed with a cup of coffee or drinking chocolate. Oaties Sweet Biscuits from Scotland and buttery lemon melts from Island Bakery Organics on the Isle of Mull complete an all-star cookie line-up.

This delightful sweet gift will arrive hand-packed in our durable jute tote adorned in holiday attire!

Uncle Joe's - Mint Balls: Peppermint lovers will become addicted to these all natural, extra-strong mint candies from a secret family recipe patented in 1933.

98 gram pouch.

Tregroes - Butter Waffle Cookies: The original waffle cookie, with a soft butter toffee center.

2 cookies

Tregroes - Dark Chocolate Waffle: A luxurious waffle cookie with a soft butter toffee center enrobed in the finest Belgian dark chocolate.

1 large cookie.

Broderick Brothers - Tiff Toff in the Tuffen Sampler: Chocolate biscuit confections reminiscent of childhood treats, but reworked for the adult palate with high quality Belgian chocolate.

7 individually wrapped mini bars.

Broderick Brothers - Peanut Butter Slam Slice: A delectable combination of peanut butter & chocolate in a crispy confection.

1 mini bite.

Melting Pot - Traditional Butter Fudge: handmade fudge from Ireland, and winner of a prestigious Great Taste Award.

1 piece.

Island Bakery Organics - Lemon Melts: From Scotland, a zesty lemon biscuit dipped in a sweet blanket of white chocolate.

2 cookies.

Shortbread House of Edinburgh - Oaties Sweet Biscuits: Sweet rolled oat cookies with a touch of coconut for a satisfying treat with coffee or tea.

2 Oaties.

Jute Tote, 9" x 11" x 4"

**A Note on Substitutions:
Because many of our items are made in very small batches and some are made to order, we may need to occasionally swap an out-of-stock item for a similar one. Be assured it will be of equal or greater value and equally delicious!


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