The Cocktail Club: A Year of Recipes and Tips for Spirited Tasting Parties

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The Cocktail Club: A Year of Recipes and Tips for Spirited Tasting Parties

Maureen Petrosky
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Maureen Petrosky is a popular Lifestyle Expert that appears on NBC's Today Show. Author of The Wine Club, The Cocktail Club, creator of the Maker Lifestyle Website, and columnist, fans love her accessible and fun approach to making quick and easy yet sophisticated recipes, parties, decorating, food and wine pairings, and of course cocktails. Maureen is the ultimate hostess, and only Lifestyle Expert focused on helping young professionals, moms, neighbors and co-workers bring their on-line social experiences to life with real-world social clubs inspired by her smart- chic book series, TV and spokesperson appearances and weekly editorial feature "The 10- Minute Happy Hour".
With a little bit of history and a lot of flavor, "The Cocktail Club" is a guide for connecting with your friends over the best-tasting therapy around--cock-tails Using a format reminiscent of your favorite book club, Maureen Christian Petrosky highlights one specific spirit or drink type each month. Classic favorites like the Martini and the Old-Fashioned, as well as new sips like the Mason Jar Basil Pisco Sour and Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer, will inspire novices and enthusiasts alike to build up their bar vocabulary and taste outside their comfort zone. The book also offers a delicious selection of hors d'oeuvres pairings like Grilled Figs with Prosciutto and Rosemary Lemon Bars. So whether you've been curious about absinthe rinses or want to bone up on your bitters, "The Cocktail Club" gives you the perfect excuse to pull out your shaker and dip into the art of at-home mixology.