The Good Boy Snack Tote


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He's been a good boy all year. Doesn't he deserve the best?

Our handsome jute tote is brimming with manly snacks, both sweet and savory.......a delicious gift he'll enjoy once the chores are done! Fuego, a distinct red salsa with a warm, piquant flavors, is great for dipping chips, but he won't stop there. It makes a perfect accompaniment to tacos, quesadillas, eggs dishes, and rice and beans. 100% filet mignon jerky from Three Jerks offers a tender, savory snack that's packed with protein. Flavorful, crunchy potato chips are made with extra virgin olive oil and touched with just the right amount of salt for an irresistible treat. Sweet & spicy mixed nuts (peanuts, almonds & cashews) and micro-brew beer brittle are the perfect nibble to enjoy with an ice-cold brew. Finally, the man who craves a bit of sweet will LOVE the subtle, smoky warmth of Olive & Sinclair's Mexican chili chocolate.......southern artisan chocolate at its' best!

La Fundidora - Fuego Salsa A warm yet well-grounded salsa with deep earth tones and piquant character, made from ripe tomatoes, tomatillos and select guajillo and arbol chiles.

12 oz.

Three Jerks - Filet Mignon Beef Jerky: Tender and buttery, a protein-packed snack from 100% filet mignon.

2 oz.

Torres - Olive Oil Potato Chips: From Spain, light, crunchy chips with extra-virgin olive oil & just a hint of sea salt.

1.76 oz.

Mr. Filbert's - Mexican Sweet Chili Mixed Nuts : Peanuts, almonds and cashews in a rich, sweet & spicy gluten-free snack.

120 grams.

Anette's - Micro-brew Beer Brittle: A light & crunchy brittle from Spanish peanuts, micro-brew ale, Indonesian vanilla and a dash of salt.

4 oz.

Olive & Sinclair - Mexican Chili Chocolate Bar : Handcrafted southern artisan dark chocolate bar, explosive with spices and a subtle, smoky warmth.

2.75 oz.

GIFT TOTE: Sturdy re-usable jute tote, 9" x 11" x 4"