Cassis Berry Shrub

The Hudson Standard
Weight: 12 fluid ounces

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Family Owned
Hudson, New York

Shrubs originate from an early American tradition of blending fruit, spice, vinegar and sweetener to make a tart and delicious syrup. Shrubs make refreshing sodas, fantastic cocktail mixers and inspired ingredients in dishes.

A favorite of Sharon's, our Saratoga Springs store manager, the gorgeous purple cassis berry shrub combines black currants, black raspberries and organic sugar with organic apple cider vinegar from the Finger Lakes region. With a layered sweetness and hints of chocolate and jam, the shrub is as versatile as it is delicious. Pour 1/4 oz. in a champagne flute, top with prosecco and float a blackberry or two in the glass for a beautiful cocktail. Drizzle over vanilla ice cream topped with fresh berries for a stunning dessert. Mix 1 part shrub with 7 parts sparkling water for a refreshing shrub soda. Or use in a stunning sauce for duck.

organic apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, black currants, blackberries and/or black raspberries

The Hudson Standard, located in Hudson, New York, started from the desire to make high quality bitters and cocktail syrups, called shrubs, using ingredients almost entirely sourced from New York's Hudson Valley.

Founder Marianne Courville and her husband Michael Albin moved to Hudson, New York from Brooklyn in 2000 and opened Hudson Wine Merchants. It was there that they caught the bug to start a business making cocktail bitters and shrubs. The business soon became a commitment to the region. The ingredients in their bitters and shrubs are almost entirely sourced from the Hudson Valley. Working with local farms, Marianne and Michael stay open to new ideas about crops, production, sustainability and cooperative ventures. The Hudson Standard is a welcome convergence between the cocktail revolution and the "farm to table" movement.