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Preparing Spanish cuisine at home is simple with the right ingredients, and lover's of the country's authentic flavors and classic dishes will appreciate having these pantry essentials on hand!

Olive oil is the primary oil used in Spanish kitchens, and that from Arbequina olives is most treasured. VEA early harvest extra virgin olive oil is produced from 100% Arbequina olives grown on the VEA Estate in the Catalonian region of Spain. The olives are hand harvested while they are still young and green, then carefully examined, ensuring only the most pristine fruit goes into the oil. Extraordinarily green and fruity, the nutty, buttery flavor of the oil makes it ideal for salads and dipping.

What better to pair this liquid gold treasure with than an exceptional sherry vinegar?

Cepa Vieja Reserva from Vinagres de Yema rivals the traditional balsamic vinegars of Modena. From a 40-year-old mother vinegar, Cepa Vieja develops its rich, smoky flavor from long aging in Kentucky oak barrels. Bold and complex, the vinegar beautifully dresses salads of fresh greens and adds great depth of flavor when finishing grilled vegetables.

Beautifully presented in a sturdy jute tote, this is a stunning gift for anyone who loves to cook.
VEA- Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil:Made from 100% Arbequina olives and unfiltered this olive oil has an intense green color and fruity flavor..

16.9 oz.

Cepa Vieja Aged Sherry Vinegar: An exceptional vinegar from Spain, aged in oak barrels for forty years, it has a big smoky flavor, perfect for making dressing.

16.94 oz.


  • 2 Bottle Jute Tote
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