Turkish Bay Leaves

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Turkish Bay Leaves

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Bay Leaves are plucked from an evergreen tree indigenous to Asia Minor. They were used in ancient Greece to crown athletes, warriors, and poets.

INDIA TREE Bay Leaves are from Turkey and are "hand selected" twice--first when they are picked from the tree, and second, when they are packaged, at which time, only the very best leaves are selected.

  • Use to flavor soups and stews
  • An ideal seasoning for marinades
  • Add bay leaf to the water when making stocks for soups, stews and sauces
  • Use to make a classic bouquet garnialong with rosemary, Italian parsley and thyme, to flavor soups, pot roasts, sauces and brines.
  • Product of Turkey
  • Store in a cool, dry place

Bay is the leaf of an evergreen tree indigenous to Asia Minor. Ours come from INDIA TREE, and are premium, hand selected bay leaves. Use to flavor soups, stews, pâtés and stuffing's. Add a bay leaf to the water when poaching fish or cooking rice. A delicious seasoning for hearty tomato sauces.

100% Turkish Bay Leaves
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In actuality, "India" was not a single place or kingdom, but a composite of many countries and cultures as yet unknown to Western civilization.

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