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Springtime Favorites

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As winter turns to spring, KOBO seed candles offer delightful gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding or baby showers, or most any special occasion. Made by hand in New York state, KOBO seed candles are environmentally-friendly, and packaged in fully recycled, biodegradable boxes infused with seeds that will grow the scent of the candle. First, enjoy a home filled with herbaceous Heath Lavender, earthy Somerset Thyme, sensual current and citrus Siam Poppy, or warm Sweet Sunflower. Then, simply soak the package thoroughly and plant the soaked package in well-drained soil in full sun. Watch as the seeds germinate and grow, for a gift that lives on!

Getting hitched or booking flights for a spring wedding? Ask us about personalized wedding favors and gifts to remember for the bridal party, or let us help you stock the pantry of the happy couple. Check our wedding gifts online for ideas ranging from foodie gifts, to picnic baskets, to bar stocking ideas, and so many others.

One week left before Cupid pulls back his bow! Our Valentine’s Day category is stocked with great ideas. Be sure to pick up a jar of our new Passion Fruit Caramel Sauce from NYC's Chocolat Moderne...a buttery, creamy sauce with a nice, tart edge. Or fall in love with "The Lover" — a white chocolate bar filled with passion fruit caramel and scented with cardamom. Our blog can also help you “Ignite Your Passion for Valentine’s Day Cocktails” with boozy gummies and passion fruit bubbly.

Our Featured Producer:
Ajiri Tea & Coffee

Scholarship. Mentorship. A sense of community for orphans. These are a few of the ways your Ajiri Tea and Coffee purchases are strengthening lives in western Kenya.

Ajiri means “to employ” in Swahili. Ajiri’s founders recognized that creating a company with a “full cycle of sustainable aid” meant going beyond providing handout benefits or selling great-tasting tea. Having witnessed firsthand the detrimental cycle of aid, dependence, and low self-esteem, sisters Sara and Kate and their mother Ann wanted to start a company that would cultivate jobs, foster economic independence, and advance educational opportunities.

Ajiri Tea currently employs 60 women from 5 women’s groups to hand-make their keepsake labels as well as the twines that go inside. Each Ajiri label is a unique work of art, made with inspiration from daily life using dried bark from banana trees. 100% of Ajiri’s net profits are returned to Kenya to pay school fees for orphans, in 2017 advancing the educations of 30 orphaned students, as well as providing mentorship for them in primary and high school.

Ajiri Tea has taken first place North American Tea Championships and won the Buyer’s Choice Award for Best Tea, its taste backing up its mission. Only the top leaves and the bud are picked, ensuring the highest quality cup that never turns bitter. Ajiri’s black tea blends are sourced from a cooperative of farmers in western Kenya, grown on small-scale shambas, or farms, which average a quarter to two acres of land. Since 2013, Ajiri has proudly offered Kenyan AA Coffee, the highest grade available, yielding bright and fruity flavor and aroma with complimentary gentle notes of wine and black currant. Like its tea, Ajiri’s coffee is grown on predominantly small-scale farms spanning from the slopes of snow-capped Mt. Kenya toward Nairobi (to the south).

The Savory Pantry is one of a few stores in the Saratoga area and the only store in Central Arkansas to proudly carry Ajiri Tea and Coffee, and we hope you’ll join us in supporting this incredible mission, whose story is as rich as its taste. Read more in “Meet the Maker: Ajiri Tea and Coffee” on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.