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Ready to sweeten your summer? We’ve got the perfect honey for your hive. As they pollinate flowers, bees’ knees hold flavors with which they return home and impart into their honeys. Thanks to the hard work of pollinators around the globe, your hive can buzz with scrumptious honeys and honey products that deliver the tastes of Floridian saw palmettos, Israeli avocado blossoms, Patagonian vanilla and banana, and Italian cherry blossoms. Choose your favorite(s) and pair with our Olive Wood Honey Dipper to drizzle on your cheese board, over ice cream or oatmeal, or stir into happy hour cocktails. Our Simply Tea & Honey Gift pairs Canadian White Gold Honey with Ada’s Artisan Organic White Rose Tea for a delightful afternoon tea time. When you’re done, don’t forget to dab with our whimsical Honey Bee Beverage Napkins. Now that’s sweet.

Prepare to shake up the perfect summer sips! While makers of our all-natural cocktail shrubs rely on classic methods of preserving fruits in sugared vinegar, the results are anything but expected. Complex cocktail flavors are made simple as you combine shrub + spirit + fizz to set summer entertaining aglow. Mid-day mocktails and salad dressings also delight with the summer bounty of blueberry basil, strawberry rhubarb, Texas grapefruit, raspberry verbena, and many more. Ready for recipes? Head to paradise with our “Paradisii” (made from Liber & Co’s Texas Grapefruit Shrub), stir up a “Guilt-Free Pina Colada" with Shrub District’s Pineapple Allspice Cocktail Vinegar, and make Shrub District’s Lime Cocktail Vinegar your go-to sour mix.

It’s time to season, sizzle, and sear with our grilling sauces, marinades, and rubs. Heat things up with award-winning Captain Rodney’s Boucan Pepper Glaze; this saucy combo of Scotch Bonnet peppers, spices, vinegar, and pure cane sugar makes a great dipping sauce or brush it on hot wings for a sweet hot surprise. Marinate pork, chicken, or salmon in tropical delight with customer favorite Pineapple Sake Teriyaki Marinade. Encrust salmon prior to grilling or sprinkle on sweet potatoes before roasting . . . Mr. Fancy’s Spice Blend for Salmon add sophisticated flavors of sumac, tarragon, cardamom, and citrus will become your grilling go-to.

Our Featured Producer:
Catskill Provisions

When Claire Marin was a publishing executive, beekeeping was her hobby. With the rapid rise of the digital age, the publishing world felt competitive in a way it never had before. Claire began more closely watching her bees as they worked together in cooperation toward a common goal, their role in their environment clearly defined. Inspired by the collaborative work of the bees, she left her publishing career Catskill Provisions in 2010.

Led by the pillars of integrity and authenticity, every Catskill Provisions product is a nod toward the greater good: contributing to environmental sustainability, fueling New York’s local economies, and protecting pollinators. Today, Claire tends over 300 beehives in New York State’s Delaware, Sullivan, and Madison Counties, working with local beekeepers to create small batch, hand-packed honey harvested twice annually in fall and spring.

Catskill Provisions Raw Wildflower Spring Honey evokes the wildflowers of spring with floral notes of cherry and pear blossom, pairing well with cheese, yogurt, light teas, cocktails, and vinaigrettes. The Raw Wildflower Fall Honey is complex, with deep flavors of chestnut and maple, pairing perfectly with aged cheeses, chocolate, and darker teas, and is ideal for use in marinades and cocktails.

Other tasty items in her product lineup include Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix and New York Grade A Maple Syrup. You’ll definitely want to stick a fry in Honey Infused All-Natural Ketchup, sweetened with the fall honey. Chocolate honey truffles are a great reward yourself without tons of sugar, their sweetness coming from a tiny amount Catskill Provisions honey in the ganache and 72% dark chocolate.

Marin has had tremendous success with her award-winning Catskill Provisions Honey Whiskey and we hope you’ll join us in cheering her on in her current project: becoming the fourth woman in the US to have a distillery.

Read our Meet the Maker interview with Catskill Provisions founder Clarie Marin on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.