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Racing season is in full swing in Saratoga! Stop in to pick up gourmet track snacks and gifts for the racing enthusiast.

We’re thrilled to welcome Patagonia Bee Products founder Jacob Perry to our Saratoga store this week! Come in Saturday, August 5 and Sunday August 6 from 10 am to 5pm to enjoy “Hive to Hand” honey samplings, cheese pairings, special discounts from Patagonia Bee Products. Since the hives that yield Patagonia Bee Products’ Ulmo, Tineo, Rainforest, and Valdivian honeys border the native, largely untouched rainforests of Chile, a taste instantly transports you to the only place in the world these honeys are found. Perry launched Patagonia Bee Products to share geographically unique “hive to hand” honeys with the world. In the process, Patagonia Bee Products would be the impetus for the revision of Chilean law to better support the livelihoods of small beekeepers and food producers, as well as providing economically sustainable support for rain forests. Each jar comes from a single beekeeper, preserving the uniqueness of a place and a harvest season, and is regularly tested to ensure it remains entirely free of GMOs and pesticides. You’ll be hard pressed to find honey more delicious and pure. Customers can enjoy discounts on purchases of three or more of these rare honeys that make wonderful gifts. Not able to make it? Read more about Patagonia Bee Products, one of our former Featured Producers, on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

We bet you won’t be able to leave without a jar after sampling tantalizing tastes from Le Bon Magot, brand new to The Savory Pantry. Inspired by heritage and experiences in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, Le Bon Magot’s chutneys, jams, and preserves will add intrigue to your every day culinary habits. Award-winning Brinjal Caponata (Purple Eggplant with Cumin & Curry Leaves) is ready to create a more inspired side of roasted cauliflower or mashed potatoes, or a dazzling omelet. Accompany your goat cheese, smoked chicken, or fish with Lemon-Sultana Marmalata, in which fragrant saffron, licorice-scented caraway, and citrusy lemon verjus all conspire to produce a luxurious marmalade evocative of Turkey’s dried fruit preserves. Other jars are filled with enticing Spiced Raisin Marmalata with Ras el Hanout & Smoked Cinnamon, White Pumpkin and Almond Murabba with Cardamom & Vanilla, and Tomato & White Sultana Chutney with Ginger & Garam Masala.

As it heats up outside, cool down with The Savory Pantry’s Gourmet Banana Split, featuring the award-winning products of this month’s Featured Producer, Lick My Spoon. Since the days when founder Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni was making just 4 jars at a time, Lick My Spoon has earned five consecutive annual Good Food Awards. Your purchase also helps provide jobs—the packaging is completed by teens and young adults from a special needs home paid to place the labels in the home’s commercial kitchen. Read our interview with Lick My Spoon’s Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni on our Taste. Savor. Share Blog.

Brighten your spirits with cocktail vinegars, new in from Shrub District. Cool down with flavors like Blueberry Basil or Strawberry Dill—guaranteed to elevate your craft cocktail game with ease. Slim down with a guilt-free pina colada combining Pineapple Allspice with coconut water in place of cream. Ready for a new go-to sour mix? Shrub District’s Lime Cocktail Vinegar marries fresh lime juice with essential oils from lime peels, ready to bring the right balance of sour and sweet to your margaritas and mojitos. Shake it!

Our Featured Producer:
Shrub District

With a strong affinity for the tart flavor profile, a childhood fondness of all things pickled, and a love of entertaining, Shrub District founder Don Morton began using his home bar as an outlet for his creative energies. Not able to find the quality cocktail ingredients that he wanted to use behind his own bar, and noting the proliferation of inventive producers being enthusiastically received by consumers in Washington, DC, where he lived and worked, Morton saw a gap. Experimenting at home, he began calling back the age-old tradition of making shrubs—originally done to preserve the flavors and fruits of the season by adding vinegar and sugar to them. When he tasted Pineapple Allspice, he knew he had something special; the founding recipe remains one of Shrub District’s best sellers.

Today, Don delights in helping customers “brighten their spirits,” adding shrub made from fresh whole fruit, herbs, and spices. Whether customers choose the Pineapple Allspice, Blueberry Basil, Strawberry Dill, Just Grapefruit, or Lime, each shrub already offers a balance of tart, sweet, and savory undertones. Flavors are “complex but pure, hip but casual. The perfect balance for a busy, rewarding life.” “Brighten your spirits” captures the essence of Shrub District, the brightness both a reference for the base vinegar, and an attitude or feeling about life. Every bottle helps home and professional bar tenders stand ready to mix three simple ingredients (usually shrub + liquor + fizz), and within minutes relax and enjoy the peak flavors of summer during any season.

Read our interview with Shrub District’s Don Morton on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.