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Cold Weather Favorites

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This Week in The Savory Pantry

Who said dry January means missing out? Change your ritual by continuing to enjoy craft mocktails that will bring you deep satisfaction in taste and variety. Experiment with shrubs in tantalizing flavors like Cassis Berry, Blueberry Basil, or the Trio of Shrubs Gift Set (including Strawberry Rhubarb, Spicy Turmeric, and Peach Lavender). From shrubs to bitters to syrups, we'll help you keep delicious elixirs in your mocktail mixers.

Come in from the cold with our Cold Weather Favorites Category, filled with soups, spice, and spirit lifters. Serve up South Carolina Creole with Carolina Creole's luscious simmer sauce. Add shrimp, chicken, and/or sausage to this spicy, sweet sauce loaded with roughly chopped onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and signature spices that will leave you warm and dreaming of leftovers.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, Jan. 25th, 8 am to Noon (Hot Springs): Chocolate tasting. Join Ouachita Chocolate founders in tasting fine-tasting organic, two-ingredient, bean-to-bar chocolates.

Saturday, Jan. 25th, 12 pm to 3 pm (Saratoga): Bloody Mary Tasting. Join us and sample the Bloody Mary mix born in Queens and made in upstate New York that will change the way you experience brunch--Toma Bloody Mary Mix.

What We're Eating

Winter White Salad

When winter hits we turn to white salads when fennel and apples are easy to come by. This riff, complemented by the crunch of celery and almonds, is brightened with a vinaigrette featuring LeBlanc Champagne Vinegar. A quality vinegar like this, made with pinot gris and meunière grapes, makes all the difference on a simple salad like this.