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Summer Favorites

This Week
in The Savory Pantry

Grilling, picnic, and cocktail season is upon us! We’re sailing our red and white checked tablecloths into the summer breeze; when they land, they’ll be set with everything in The Savory Pantry that is worthy of summer days and nights.

Visit our Cocktail Shop for all you need to craft lake, pool, and patio worthy cocktails. From copper Moscow Mule Mugs, to witty bev naps, to bitters and shrubs, we’ve got everything you need to shake things up as temperatures rise.

Favorite summer cocktail recipe: Add some sparkle to your bubbles with The Saratoga Sparkler, a summer-fresh combination of tart Hudson Standard’s Cassis Berry Shrub, Prosecco, and a twist of orange. Splash away or follow our recipe here. A favorite of our Saratoga Springs store manager Sharon, the gorgeous purple cassis berry shrub combines black currants, black raspberries, and organic sugar with organic apple cider vinegar from the Finger Lakes region. Use the remainder of your bottle to drizzle over vanilla ice cream topped with fresh berries, with sparkling water for a refreshing shrub soda, or to sauce your duck.

Now’s the time to check out our Grilling Sauces, Marinades & Rubs. Heat up your ‘que with Stuart & Co’s Bitchin’ BBQ Sauce, made in Brooklyn from seasonal ingredients on local farms; flavor shrimp and chicken with Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki Sauce, featuring sorghum bourbon, ginger, and garlic; go tropical with Mango Tequila Jalapeno Grill Sauce; or keep paruseing until you find your favorite from our 20+ ways to spice up your grilling routine.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, our Father’s Day shop is full of gourmet Filet Mignon beef jerky, our Bloody Good Bloody Mary Gift Basket, Brent’s Microbrew Beer Brittle, and many more gifts fit for your king!

Our Featured Producer:
Nicolo Verrini for RITROVO

Italian balsamic maker Nicolo Verrini is following in the steps of his grandfather, who began making balsamic vinegars in the 1960s. In his 30s, Nicolo represents a new generation of balsamic makers; he is innovative without straying too far from tradition simply for the sake of creating something trendy. Nicolo’s philosophy seems simple: Begin with the very best raw materials and do your best not to ruin what nature has already provided. His results, however, are extraordinary, capturing in beautiful oval bottles the bounty of a particular season in which the featured fruit was at its peak.

Taste his Sofi award-winning Organic Apple Balsamic, and you’ll be delivered to the Trentino region of Italy, renowned for its juicy, tart apples. Organic Citrus Balsamic bottles the vibrant expression of refreshing Italian spremuta—fresh juices of lemon and orange mixed together in a tall glass, served cold. Indulge in ruby-tinted Organic Raspberry vinegar and you’ll discover a tart counterpoint to fresh fruits, mixed green salads topped with creamy goat cheese, and summer beverages. Each fruit balsamic begins with a base of white balsamic, colored with the juice of the featured fruit. In creating this line of balsamics, Nicolo has worked conscientiously to establish a perfect balance of density, acidity, and sweetness.

Learn more about Nicolo and RITROVO in our Taste.Savor.Share. Blog post.