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Summer Favorites

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Racing season is in full swing in Saratoga! Stop in to pick up gourmet track snacks and gifts for the racing enthusiast.

We bet you won’t be able to leave without a jar after sampling tantalizing tastes from Le Bon Magot, brand new to The Savory Pantry. Inspired by heritage and experiences in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, Le Bon Magot’s chutneys, jams, and preserves will add intrigue to your every day culinary habits. Award-winning Brinjal Caponata (Purple Eggplant with Cumin & Curry Leaves) is ready to create a more inspired side of roasted cauliflower or mashed potatoes, or a dazzling omelet. Accompany your goat cheese, smoked chicken, or fish with Lemon-Sultana Marmalata, in which fragrant saffron, licorice-scented caraway, and citrusy lemon verjus all conspire to produce a luxurious marmalade evocative of Turkey’s dried fruit preserves. Other jars are filled with enticing Spiced Raisin Marmalata with Ras el Hanout & Smoked Cinnamon, White Pumpkin and Almond Murabba with Cardamom & Vanilla, and Tomato & White Sultana Chutney with Ginger & Garam Masala.

As it heats up outside, cool down with The Savory Pantry’s Gourmet Banana Split, featuring the award-winning products of this month’s Featured Producer, Lick My Spoon. Since the days when founder Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni was making just 4 jars at a time, Lick My Spoon has earned five consecutive annual Good Food Awards. Your purchase also helps provide jobs—the packaging is completed by teens and young adults from a special needs home paid to place the labels in the home’s commercial kitchen. Read our interview with Lick My Spoon’s Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni on our Taste. Savor. Share Blog.

Brighten your spirits with cocktail vinegars, new in from Shrub District. Cool down with flavors like Blueberry Basil or Strawberry Dill—guaranteed to elevate your craft cocktail game with ease. Slim down with a guilt-free pina colada combining Pineapple Allspice with coconut water in place of cream. Ready for a new go-to sour mix? Shrub District’s Lime Cocktail Vinegar marries fresh lime juice with essential oils from lime peels, ready to bring the right balance of sour and sweet to your margaritas and mojitos. Shake it!

Our Featured Producer:
Lick My Spoon

When Lick My Spoon was launched in 2013, Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni was making just 4 jars at a time. Just a few years later, the company boasts five consecutive annual Good Food Awards—quite a feat for a caramel sauce experiment that was born out of Kristine’s tasting a mass-produced sauce at a party and deciding she could do better.

Inspired by her mother’s kitchen which was always filled with scratch-made delights, and placing high value on natural ingredients—using none of the artificial flavorings or preservatives that are hallmarks of the big commercial brands—Kristine set to work. As more friends and customers tasted the not-too-sweet Caramel Sauce with a touch of fleur de sel, its popularity grew. For the packaging, Kristine’s mother chose the white-stitched, black grosgrain ribbon and her husband designed the double spoon logo. These labels are now providing jobs—the packaging is completed by teens and young adults from a special needs home who are paid to place the labels.

With her award-winning sauce as their base, she continues to develop more caramel sauces, inspired by “American classics with Italian influences,” calling up her family’s Italian roots. In The Savory Pantry, you’ll find organic rosewater and spicy cardamom lending luscious flavor to Cardamom Rose Caramel Sauce and smoky Kentucky bourbon boozing up Bourbon Me Bourbon Caramel Sauce. If you like tried-and-true, it’s impossible to go wrong with the award-winning original Caramel Sauce and Totally Fudged Chocolate Fudge Sauce. Kristine loves using the caramel sauces in savory applications as a salmon or pork glaze, or as cheese accompaniments, although she says their best use is always drizzled warm over high-quality vanilla bean ice cream. Any of them go well with yogurt, pancakes, or waffles.

Taste and we know you’ll fall for this is all-around feel good company that invites you to Lick Your Spoon again and again. Ready for more about Lick My Spoon’s story? Read our interview with Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni on our Taste.Savor.Share Blog.