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Fall Entertaining Essentials

This Week
in The Savory Pantry

These last days of summer have us yearning for cooler weather and falling leaves! But while we're still entertaining outdoors, we've continued to stock our pantry with exciting new drink mixers and bar accessories selected to elevate your at-home cocktail experience.

Our Hot Springs and Saratoga stores are stocked with an amazing array of essential cocktail syrups from Austin, Texas-based Liber & Co. You may think you don't want an umbrella in your drink, but you just might change your mind when you experience their new Passion Fruit Syrup. Try our recipe for a Tropical Hurricane or Brasserie Special - tart, tropical cocktails to enjoy during these dog days of summer. You'll also want to be sure to grab a bottle of Fiery Ginger Syrup. This velvety-smooth, heated concoction is made from juicing fresh ginger root, and will become a staple at your bar. Moscow Mule, anyone?

With fall on our mind, our shelves are stocked with classic fall flavors. Award-winning Pumpkin Seed Salsa is perfect for tailgate snacking, and features tiny chunks of toasted pumpkin seeds and flecks of Chile de Arbol swimming in a blend of fresh tomatoes and red bell peppers. Also from American Spoon: Apple & Onion Jam, a must-have condiment to pair with burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and more. A new shipment of traditional Apple Curd has arrived from across the pond, thanks to our friends at Elizabethan Pantry. Spiked with cinnamon, it is perfect for creating simple yet elegant fall desserts.

Have someone heading off to college? We have a gold-star selection of healthy, protein packed Gifts for the Student, designed to keep them happy, healthy, and most importantly, studying! Be sure to check out our TASTE. SAVOR. SHARE. Blog for easy back-to-school recipes and ideas.

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Our Featured Producer:
Ada's Artisan Teas

“When you taste tea, you should taste the earth around it,” says Ada’s Artisan Teas co-owner Eva Lamiano. “The same tea plant will taste different depending on where it is grown, because it is enriched with the flavors of the surrounding soil.” To Eva—and partner in tea and life, Eran Wasserman—tea is a ritual, an art, and a presentation. The aim of their company is wholly hedonistic: to sip and experience the pure pleasure of drinking a fine, quality tea.

Prior to putting their tea on the market in April, 2016, Eva and Eran had both experienced hectic professional lives and wanted to deliver to their customers a product that invites a respite from life’s regular and often overwhelming to-do list. In Ada’s, they have offered up an invitation for pause in everyday life, for carving quiet moments out of task-heavy days.

“Of course the health benefits of tea are abundant, but communicating its healthfulness is not the goal of our company,” Eva said. “We are driven by enjoyment. We can’t all drop everything and take off for Tahiti, but what we can do is incorporate a ritual of enjoyment in our everyday lives. We can take moments of relaxation and indulgence in superior taste.”

Eran’s mother, Ada, who lives with his father in Bat-Yam, Israel, is the tea’s namesake. The exterior of the tag that accompanies every tin of Ada’s Tea reads: “May the harmony in your cup overflow into your life.” Its interior reads: “My mother Ada always said, ‘Be present in the moment, find peace from within, and observe greatness in the small, simple pleasures in life.’”