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Every Taste Tells a Story

In The Savory Pantry, every taste tells a story. We welcome you to gather around our table, to listen and share, and to experience the joy of good food. We believe that some of life's greatest moments are created around tables and in kitchens with those you love, and that food unites us all.

When you hear the satisfying pop of a cork, thwack of a jar, or crackle of paper as you open any of our products, you'll know that years of dedication and knowledge are distilled into the bites or sips you are about to enjoy. Maker's narratives shine through in the taste of every product in our pantry. If you are curious, we want you to know not only where your product comes from, but who makes it and what motivates them to do so. We are dedicated to quality, and believe that when you demand it, you support small farmers, beekeepers, butchers, bakers, and other food artisans whose life's work is perfecting their passions. Our Pantry shelves in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Saratoga Springs, New York, are lined with products whose makers dedicate their lives to being the best at their crafts, and we embrace both the time-honored traditions and ingenuity that elevate and enrich their foods. When you rely on the best ingredients, good taste is simple.

In our stores, through our Taste.Savor.Share. Blog, or in our online marketplace, we are here to enliven your appetite, pique your curiosity, and ensure that you are always gifting the tastiest selections available!


Founder and CEO Keeley Ardman DeSalvo's passion for quality ingredients began at her family's restaurant, The Pancake Shop --a legendary breakfast eatery that still thrives today under DeSalvo's watchful eye. "I grew up watching my mother build a very successful business based on premium ingredients and superior service," Keeley shares. "I appreciate the way she made her customers feel as if they were guests in her own home. The food was simple, but extraordinary. Customers would line up down the street to have 'breakfast with Ruth.' It was a destination, and thankfully, still is."

Since its opening in 1998, The Savory Pantry has developed a loyal, nationwide clientele. In 2012, Keeley began considering a second location, and in 2014 The Savory Pantry opened on historic Broadway Avenue in Saratoga Springs, New York. Keeley notes, "The similarities between Saratoga and Hot Springs are many: a historic race course with some of the finest thoroughbred racing in the country, a vibrant arts scene, natural spring waters, the mountains and lakes, and a sophisticated, small town feel. Add to that the proximity to New York City, Boston, and Montreal, and it seemed an ideal choice."

The Savory Pantry has become a destination for food enthusiasts from coast to coast. Come to our Hot Springs and Saratoga stores and you'll find our shelves lined with scrumptious options begging to be sampled.

Meet Our Team

The Savory Pantry Team is hungry to eat, learn, and share. We tenaciously source the most extraordinary foods in the world for our customers, always with quality and value in mind, and are constantly reminded that reaching the pinnacle of quality and success in any endeavor isn't possible without an unbeatable team--a team that is deeply committed to and driven by its mission.

The Savory Pantry experience begins with our producers and ends with our customers. Beyond stocking our pantries and yours through our storefronts in Hot Springs and Saratoga, and lovingly sending products and gift baskets across the nation to those who matter most to you, we taste, brainstorm, consider, research, and create at all hours of the day and night--ever curious about the latest movements in food and doing whatever it takes to ensure an unsurpassed customer experience. We love what we do, and hope that you'll taste the care, enthusiasm, and expertise of our entire Team in every bite. Step into The Savory Pantry, meet our Team, and learn about the products stocking our own pantries. We promise you'll leave more knowledgeable about the foods you eat and the gifts you share.

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