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The way you learn how to mix a good drink at home is to have access to classic well-written recipes, learn how different liquors are made, understand glassware and how to use the tools of the trade. That's why most serious bartenders cocktail connoisseurs are well-read people, with libraries full of bartending guides that they still reference, even after years of experience serving the public.

To help you fill your own home with the best books on booze, we sport a selection for every type of drinker. Our authors include bartenders, home mixologists, and drink journalists who share their expertise in words and gorgeous photos or helpful illustrations. We've got classic guides that teach the fundamentals, and single-subject books that take a deep dive into one particular drink. Modern mixology books will help you get creative as you experiment and entertain at home, and they make great gifts, too. Boozy books at the Savory Pantry are carefully selected, chosen for appealing cocktail recipes, authoritative writing, and beautiful design.

A nice aspect of a bar book is to enlighten you on how to how to use tools you may already have on hand: shakers, stirrers, strainers, jiggers and the like. Many books also feature glassware guides, bar cart set-ups, and detailed lists of essential gear for any cocktail-lover's home bar. Equal in value to barware and essential gear is a home liquor library. A good book will teach you something new, entertain your fancy, and provide hours of enjoyable company.

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