Pasta Sauce, Pestos & Spreads

If you're looking for genuine Italian pasta sauce, we've taken the guess work out of figuring out what's best. On our shelves you'll find rich and flavorful puttanesca, light and creamy vodka sauce, and lots more to make pasta night your favorite night at home.

Our tomato sauces range from light to rich. The lighter varieties work best for delicate pastas like capellini or filled pastas such as ravioli. We like to keep jars of these on hand for nights when a quick pasta dinner needs an easy finishing touch. Richer sauces, like puttanesca, are perfect for heartier shaped pasta: penne, spaghetti, and other chunky or long shapes where the sauce has a chance to cling. These sauces, also a must for the well-stocked pantry, are reduced and concentrated and will last in the fridge once opened for a good long while.

Pesto and olive spread are staples no pantry should be without, so check out our assortment of these as well. And pasta? We've got that. Our collection is straight from the hillsides of Italy and you can really taste the difference. We've created lovely pasta baskets for unique food gifting where you'll find gourmet sauces, pastas, olive oils, and more. They make unique food gifts for any and all occasions!

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