Snacks & Crackers
  • $7.95
    If you would like a flavorful homemade cracker that won't distract from what you serve it with, this Classic White...
  • $6.99
    This cute handmade berry box is filled with 6 ounces of organic deliciousness! Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps have a...
  • $4.29
    Thin, crisp, and perfectly flavored, these water crackers from Elki Gourmet provide a perfect foundation for cheese,...
  • $7.60–$22.00
    Not a cookie, not a cracker, but a savory, crisp baked treat to enjoy in any number of ways. Arkansas' J&M Foods has...
  • $5.99
    A simple yet sophisticated snack. Anything goes with these delicious, unseasoned... 
  • $7.00
    From the field to your stove, this is one great popcorn. At Six Mile Farms in the heart of the Mississippi...
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