Sometimes, good taste is simple. When you begin with a high-quality oil, your produce, your proteins, and all your recipes will shine.

When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, we help you keep it versatile with pure olive oil or share some surprise with Basil or Garlic & Thyme infusions. Porcini & Black Truffle can remain ever-seasonal in your pantry to add depth to pastas or as a drizzler for good bread. Italian olive oil is known for its longstanding commitment to tradition, but you can also choose to buy olive oil pressed in the U.S.

A wide world of oils also exists beyond olive oil. Our Agrumanto oils result from the traditional simultaneous pressing of citrus and olives, creating sublime taste and piquant aromas. Avocado oil, toasted walnut oil, and white truffle oil will give you incredible flavor with which to experiment in your kitchen or introduce to the kitchen of your fortunate recipient.

The Savory Pantry has carefully chosen a selection of monovarietal and blended olive oils from small producers around the world whose focus is on excellence and commitment to the terroir. Explore our selection of small-batch, artisan olive oil, and you'll find flavors to excite every palate and enrich every meal.

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