If clean-burning and eco-friendly candles that fill your home with delicious perfume and make your outdoor experience vastly more pleasurable appeal to you, you've found the right spot to shop.

KOBO Soy Candles

Our array of KOBO candles are made with cotton wicks providing a pure, clean flame. The unique and memorable scents reflect the finest boutique fragrance houses in the US, creating a room-filling but never overwhelming aroma.

Originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan, KOBO creator Junko Kobori and her husband spent many years traveling the world before settling in Saratoga Springs, New York, where one of our Savory Pantry stores is located. Junko was always struck by the scent of each place, and how absent those fragrances were when a photo of a location is viewed. Later, while reminiscing on her travels, the aroma was still very present to her memory. She came to realize that fragrance is one of the key elements to bringing any environment to life, and it is the most often overlooked. Junko began creating scents for her own home that would be as equally memorable to her family and guests as the paintings on the walls, or flavors of the food served. From this the KOBO range was born.

From scents like Himalayan Red Spruce to Smoked Santal to Bourbon Soaked Vanilla to Portuguese Olive Blossom, there is a perfect scent for every nose. Very popular gifts, KOBO Seed Candles come in environmentally-friendly and fully recycled biodegradable boxes that are infused with seeds that grow the scent of the candle. After removing from the box, your gift recipient can soak the package, plant in well-drained and (ideally) compost-added soil, keep in the sun, and moisten soil until seeds germinate! It's the gift that grows.

Skeem Design Citronella Candles

Ready to make your outdoor time more enjoyable, without having to swat? We've long known that citronella is a proven, all-natural insect repellent. Did you know that it is made from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant that repels insects by masking the odors to which biting insects are attracted? Skeem Design hand pours its citronella candles in the USA with an exclusive soy base and silk-screened graphics on the jar exterior to bring an element of excitement and beauty to your time in the great outdoors. Choose from 12 oz Grapefruit, Sea Salt, and Eucalypts (each with 90-hour burn time), or a 3-Wick Sea Salt citronella candle with maximum scent throw for larger area coverage and 80-hour burn time.

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