Meat & Charcuterie

For some folks, it's just not a holiday without a succulent smoked ham on the table. Our hickory smoked ham and peppered ham come fully cooked, and all you have to do is defrost and reheat in your oven. Your house will smell of smoky deliciousness, and your table will look abundant.

You can order a whole ham or half ham depending on your party size, and then choose bone-in or boneless options. Some prefer boneless for ease of slicing and minimal waste, while others love to reuse the hambone (you can even freeze it and save for a soup-making Sunday). Flavor choices include peppered ham and hickory-smoked ham. When choosing your size remember that there are countless glorious ways to use leftovers!

Gourmet sausages, salamis, and pepperettes are favorites of online food shoppers because they ship easily and have a long shelf life. They also fit nicely in Christmas stocking--just sayin'.

Whether you're looking for smoked ham or other cured meats for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another upcoming feast, consider the Savory Pantry's well-curated selection. We guarantee safe handling and shipping with an aim to help make your family celebrations memorable and delicious.

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