Pantry Essentials
  • $26.70
    San Marzano DOP tomatoes originate from the small town of San Marzano sul Sarno, near Naples, Italy, and were first...
  • $8.99
    Orecchietta means "little ear" in Italian, as reflected in this pasta's unique shape. The selected semolina wheat...
  • $8.99
    Paccheri is a broad, tube-shaped pasta absent ridges. The selected semolina wheat used in this pasta is strictly of...
  • $8.79
    Since the early 1900's, Rustichella d'Abruzzo pastas have been crafted from two simple ingredients: stone ground...
  • $8.49
    Rustichella d'Abruzzo has been crafting the finest artisan pastas since the early 1900's. Their Linguine is far...
  • $8.19
    Rustichella d'Abruzzo has been crafting the finest artisan pastas since the early 1900's. Their Fettuccine are made...
  • $8.95
    Since the early 1900's, the pastas from Rustichella d'Abruzzo have been crafted from two simple ingredients: stone...
  • $10.49
    Rustichella d'Abruzzo has been crafting the finest artisan pastas since the early 1900's. Their Fusilli col Buco is...
  • $11.95
    Handmade in very small batches from 100% Pugliese durum wheat A classic shape, long and hollow, and ... 
  • $9.95
    From a small producer in the heart of the Umbrian region of Italy, our pappardelle is made from the finest Apulian...
  • $12.99
    Sicilian lemon zest brightens this supple egg pasta (in a shape similar to fettuccine), granting it a sweet aroma...
  • $16.99
    Enjoy the flavor of fresh basil year-round From France's most respected producer of specialty oils a... 

Stock your pantry and you'll never be without dinner again. Or lunch or breakfast!

At the Savory Pantry, your pantry is our priority. We ship pantry essentials from our shelves to homes across the country every day. Browse our selection of pastas, olive oils, sauces, vinegars, mustards, tinned fish, and more. We've got pancake mixes, syrups, and jams. Try a new ingredient like Ortiz anchovies from Spain. Hand-rolled, air-dried pasta can turn an easy weeknight supper into a meal worthy of special guests. New ingredients can set you on path toward a dish you've never made before, expanding your breadth as a home chef. In fact, becoming a more adventurous cook might just be an unintended consequence of pulling from your pantry shelf.

Entertaining and enjoying food with friends and family nourishes us, body and soul. Having well-stocked pantry allows you to easily create beautiful and well-seasoned dishes. It also keeps you from having to run to the market on a regular basis. Save that for produce and dairy. With a good selection of spices and grains, baking supplies, condiments, sauces, oils, salts, and sweeteners, the world of recipes opens up, and will make you a more creative and inspired cook.

Good practice is to seasonally clean out your pantry, tossing the out-of-date items, and restocking. We can help, with old standbys and the exciting new products we discover year-round. So take stock of your pantry, and we'll help keep your kitchen humming.

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