Tinned Fish & Seafood

Canned Fish is the New Must-Have for Home Cooking and Snacking

Good for you, good for the planet, canned fish is a pantry staple you should always have on hand. Just ask YouTube sensation Alison Roman who claims anchovies as one of the 11 foods always in her cupboard. Tinned fish has been popular in Europe forever, especially in Portugal and Spain where little tins of fish, known as "conservas" are sold at every corner market and can fill a whole aisle of a grocery store. Easy to transport for picnics or workplace lunches their contents -- mussels, oysters, clams, trout, mackerel, and more -- are affordable and delicious. The best fish companies process within hours of the catch, preserving these delicacies (smoked or flavored or plain) in olive oil for a shelf-stable product. The American market has caught on more recently as sustainable fishing has taken hold, and meat eating has taken a dive. We are proud to carry the best selection of domestic and imported fish, from Ortiz anchovies and tuna (the pick of home chefs worldwide) to Jose Gourmet's smoked trout, direct from the clean, clear waters of Portugal to Ekone's smoked oysters plucked from beds in the Pacific Northwest. Conservas like anchovies can jazz up a salad, make a stew or sauce like puttanesca sing, and add umami flavor to just about anything. Pretty packaging adds to the appeal.

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