Bourbon Barrel Foods

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Bourbon Barrel Foods, Louisville, KY

The Tastes: The slogan "Eat Your Bourbon" reigns supreme at Louisville, Kentucky-based Bourbon Barrel Foods. The company's celebrated aged sauces, spices, and other culinary and cocktail products all draw on innovative uses of Kentucky bourbon barrels, and are crafted with care in small batches. Bourbon Barrel Foods offers an ever-evolving list of delicious bourbon-inspired products including its unique and acclaimed Bluegrass Soy Sauce; Worcestershire Sauce; Kentuckyaki Sauce (sorghum-sweetened, bourbon flavored, ginger and garlic seasoned teriyaki); Bourbon Smoked Pepper, Sea Salt, and Sugar; Mint Julep Sugar; Pure Cane Sorghum; and a popular cocktail collaboration, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries.

The Story: Bourbon Barrel Foods began in 2006 as the only soy sauce microbrewery in the US, with founder and owner Matt Jamie teaching himself the art of soy sauce brewing through online research. Bluegrass Soy Sauce remains the only soy sauce worldwide to be fermented and aged in repurposed bourbon barrels, becoming infused with the mild, smoky sweetness of Kentucky bourbon during the year-long process of aging Kentucky-grown non-GMO soybeans, soft red winter wheat, and limestone-filtered spring water. Now a leader in the bourbon and gourmet foods industries, this iconic brand has countless enthusiasts including celebrity chefs and home cooks alike.