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Do we have cookies! Gourmet cookies, shortbread cookies, holiday cookies--and books full of cookie recipes. Our scrumptious selection comes from sourcing the best in small batch, artisan produced cookies: the best of the best. For Christmas gifts and entertaining we have a wide selection of beautiful tins filled with your favorites, from biscotti to stem ginger, to a gorgeous shortbread assortment. If you're in the mood to try something different we've got flavored shortbread cookies including Macademia Nut, Sicilian Lemon, and Famous Grouse Whiskey, each unique and delicious. J & M's Holiday Spice Cookies rolled in powdered sugar are a favorite at the Savory Pantry; they come in a beautifully designed tin and make a lovely host or hostess gift.

Christmas Cookies get the royal treatment from Rustic Bakery with intricately designed Gingerbread Tile Cookies (big enough to share), Ginger Babies (cute as a button), and Vanilla Snowflake Cookies (packed in a glass jar). And we have a nice assortment of speculoos, the spiced shortcrust biscuit traditionally baked on or just before St Nicholas' day in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and around Christmas in Germany and Austria. They're thin, crunchy, caramelized, and stamped on the front side before baking, now making them a favorite holiday cookie worldwide.

If you're baking your own, may we suggest two baking books? 100 Cookies and Cookie Perfection are both excellent choices for making gourmet cookies right at home. Filed with beautiful photography and well-tested recipes, they make nice gifts for home bakers, too.

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