Honey & Syrup
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    The medium toast level lends a light nuttiness and a deeper flavor not found in plain coconut - which helps it pair...
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    This cozy concoction is a warm and nutty nod to fall! It has all the familiar autumn spices in all the right places....

Honey is the natural sweetener produced by honeybees from the nectar of plants. It's a pantry staple called for in baking recipes and savory dishes alike. We love it in glazes for poultry or game, drizzled over delicately flavored cheeses, or topped on buttery croissants. And what better breakfast could there be than honey swirled into Greek yogurt? And then, of course, there's tea. Honey is hands-down the ideal way to sweeten a steaming mug of your favorite brew.

Raw vs. Processed Honey

"Raw honey" is honey as it exists in the beehive, extracted with minimal processing and without adding heat. It's usually unfiltered and unprocessed which is why we love it. And we stock some of the finest brands of raw honey, hailing from the pristine wilds of Northern Canada all the way South to the Altamaha and Apalachicola River Basins of Georgia and Florida.

Artisanal Honey: Taste the Difference

The flavor in a jar of gourmet honey just doesn't compare to the big-label brands. You will appreciate the difference between a clear, pure artisanal honey and the sticky, sickly sweet variety that sits on supermarket shelves, often too long. Once you're hooked on our honey - be it organic, raw, or simply from the quality producers we work with -- there's no going back. But going forward there's plenty to explore. Experiment with honey varieties from different regions and plants: Tupelo, clover, orange blossom, raspberry: each has a unique sweetening profile. Or try a honey flavored with bourbon or chocolate. Hard to go wrong.

Maple Syrup to Die For

Our other favorite sweetener is maple syrup--straight from the maple tree. The best small batch maple syrup is made by heating and filtering the tapped syrup multiple times until the liquid is purified from the sandy sap and shines clear. We carry only small-batch, hand-packed pure maple syrup, brands that stand a world apart from supermarket syrups.

Syrup Beyond Breakfast

No kitchen should be without Grade A Maple syrup. It's a must over pancakes and waffles, and good and when it seeps into bacon, too. But use it in specialty cocktails, too, like a simple syrup. Or pour over vanilla ice cream, a slice of tea cake, or in glaze for grilled salmon. You can't go wrong by having a variety of syrups on hand. They make lovely house gifts, as well.

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