Mindful Drinking

Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Satisfy

There are so many reasons to not drink alcohol. Pregnancy, dry January, AA... or maybe you just want an occasional break from wine, beer, or cocktails. There's never been an easier time to find good tasting non-alcoholic spirts both for the home and out at a bar. Mocktails, of course, have been around since the Shirley Temple was invented, but today there are entire books devoted to the subject, and famous bartenders whipping up zero-proof drinks to rival the classiest of cocktails.

Alcohol-free sipping can be down-right refreshing with the addition of a few drops of complex bitters. And there are many delicious flavors--and flavor combos--to try. Some have a small amount of alcohol--like the vanilla used in baking. But other companies, like All The Bitters, make 100% non-alcohol bitters. These little bottles pack a walloping punch of flavor using ingredients like intense citrus peels and exotic spices, and methodically distilling the best flavors.

Not drinking doesn't mean not wanting to drink with the party, but more and more people are discovering that it's possible (desirable?!?) to really enjoy the experience by experimenting with the new botanicals. Aperitivos that look and taste as good as the best Aperol Spritz, A Wilderton Earthen & Ginger Ale, a Salted Rosemary Paloma (recipe in Julia Bainbridge's excellent Good Drinks book). If you've ever wondered whether you can make a really good alcohol-free drink, we're here to tell you that the answer is emphatically, "Yes!".

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