Spring Entertaining
  • $10.00
    François Doucet's Pâtes de Fruits—the quintessential French fruit jelly—contain a whopping...
  • $12.00
    Shrubs are tart syrups made from fruit, sugar and vinegar, and date back to colonial times when they were used as a...
  • $7.60
    Look out, lemon lovers. This is the cookie for you! Slightly tart from the bright taste of lemon and slightly sweet...
  • $12.00
    There is an old saying in Sicily, "a lemon is not a real lemon unless it is Sicilian." In a class all its own, this...
  • Lavender Simple Syrup

    5 Stars
    (2 Reviews)
    Emily Lawson of Fayetteville, Arkansas-based Pink House Alchemy creates simple syrups that will totally transform...
  • $18.00
    Whipped Honey with Lemon might just be the best possible combination of sweet and tart. Organic lemon oil is stirred...
  • $12.99
    Sicilian lemon zest brightens this supple egg pasta (in a shape similar to fettuccine), granting it a sweet aroma...
  • $29.00
    In Abruzzo, on the Adriatic Sea, at the end of each harvest, Lino and Francesco Ricci create a special oil for their...
  • $30.00
    Not only does this bright vinegar perfectly complement summer's fresh fruits and vegetables, it's making waves with...
  • $20.00
    This holiday season, spoil yourself or someone you love with this sophisticated, exotically interesting &...
  • $28.00
    Plant the box of this pure soy candle and grow the scent! Made by hand in New York state, KOBO seed candles...
  • $13.00
    The perfect martini is close at hand! Whether you like your martinis dusty, dirty, or downright filthy, don't just...

Let us now give thanks for warmer weather and longer days. Good-bye root vegetables, hello asparagus. Hello green, hello florals! With the farmer's markets woke, we're craving lemon and mint to mix with new baby lettuce, fresh-harvest olive oils to brighten up our pasta primaveras, Bees Knees honey for our morning yogurt. Healthy eating gets so much easier once the spring harvest is in (and visions of bathing suits dance in our heads). Hello spring recipes!

As salad makes a regular comeback to your dinner table, stock up on a few fresh bottles of olive oil and vinegar to start the season off right. (Who says spring cleaning doesn't include the kitchen cupboard?) And check out this exquisite French vinaigrette, a lovely spring gift to yourself or a friend.

If it's warm enough for spring entertaining outdoors consider our Willow Picnic Basket with elegant, fuss-free service for 4. Buy it now and you'll use again and again, right through the fall. Or bring the outdoors in with our seasonal selection of tea towels, napkins, and trays. Nothing says spring like bright florals and fresh flavors.

And nothing says the first Saturday in May like the taste of a fresh mint julep. Dust off your cocktail cart and place a bottle of bourbon front and center. Add a vaseful of spearmint and our accoutrements, and you've got yourself a Kentucky Derby party.

So, so long apples. Night-night carrots. We've got a date with some ruby-red rhubarb and nothing's holding us back.

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