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  • $36.00
    When you can't decide on your favorite Sarabeth's flavor try an assortment! This beautifully packaged gift features...
  • $17.99
    In collaboration with beekeepers from Stuart, Florida's Hani Honey Company, Denise Castronovo has created this...
  • $17.00
    Do you remember when your grandmother would concoct a soothing hot toddy when you were sick? Cloister honey has...
  • $24.00
    The Doucet Confiseur, founded in 1969 by François and Maggy Doucet, is a family-run confectioner located in...
  • $27.00
    Fruition Chocolate crafts exceptional chocolate from a selection of flavorful, ethically sourced cocoa beans. At...
  • $16.00
    The taste of Summerdown is mint as your great-grandparents knew it -- a taste lost for generations. Fresh, smooth...
  • $50.00
    Inspired by German artisan roots, Süss Caramel has redefined the art of caramel making. Slow crafted and...
  • $56.00
    Wake up and taste the blueberries! The versatile and flavorful blueberry takes center stage in this...
  • $40.00
    Produced in the threatened Tupelo ecosystem of the Altamaha and Apalachicola River Basins of Georgia and Florida,...
  • $22.99
    When 8 good friends - each an owner of and chef in a lauded American bed & Breakfast - come together in the kitchen,...
  • $87.00
    Don't just satisfy the Southern artisan sweet tooth; offer something unexpected. Olive & Sinclair is ... 
  • $24.00
    Spéculoos in France, Spekulatius in German, Speculaas in the Netherlands -- it's one of Europe's most popular...
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